Top 11 Features of Laptop that Comes Under 1 Lakh

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Products are available in the market with so many different features, the price tag is also different. So if you are looking to buy a laptop under 1 lakh rupees then this article will be helpful for you. In the below list of top 11 features of laptop that comes under 1 lakh, I have tried to cover all major components which play an important role in your decision-making process before buying any product from the market.

I would not suggest you go through all those feature specs but just have a glimpse into it and that might save some of your money.

The 11 Most Useful Features of Laptop

1. CPU or Processor

It is the brain of your laptop, it decides how quick you can navigate between different windows and multitask. The processor comes in two major versions i.e Intel or AMD. The higher the number means better performance but it will consume more power as well. e.g Intel core i3, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7.

2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM plays an important role when you are working with big data files or images or videos etc., It does not store data permanently so it makes space for new data to process which increases processing speed as well. So always go for a minimum of 4GB RAM if possible 8 GB RAM because sometimes due to lack of memory, the laptop becomes slow even though its good processor has been installed.

3. Hard Disk or HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

The size of the disk decides how much space you have for storing your data, there are different types of hard disks like SSD, SAS etc. The most common one is SATA it has the capacity to store 500 GB and 1TB as well. If speed is not a big deal in your case then go with SATA because it offers more storage at less price.

4. Graphics card or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

GPU takes care of graphics related stuff like video rendering and editing, playing high-end games etc., So if you need processing time faster go with a dedicated graphics card but keep in mind that they use up more power than integrated chipsets, also add price to the product.

5. Optical drive or ODD (Optical Disc Drive)

It is used to read and write CD and DVD, some laptop comes with Blu Ray as well. So if you like watching movies in HD then buy a laptop that has blu ray player built into it otherwise there is no use investing extra money on this feature.

6. Display size

The more inches you get the better picture quality you will get but keep in mind that a bigger screen means less portability of your device so if you can compromise a little bit on display size do it because nobody wants a bulky and heavy laptop at home right? Keep in mind one thing bigger screen also consumes more power so choose wisely according to how much time you will spend in front of your laptop.

7. Battery life

Battery life varies from different companies and models so if you choose a high-end variant in one company but in another company that offers better battery backup then go for that instead of wasting money on extra features which are unnecessary for you.

8. USB ports

The most common USB version used today is the 3.0 version due to its speed and efficiency but the downside is that both devices (laptop and external device) need to be compatible with this version. If you can compromise with a 2.0 or lower version then buy a laptop that has USB ports because most of the devices today comes with this feature but if your budget is too tight and you have to choose between a laptop that has only one port sometimes it won’t harm you to go with a laptop which offers more USB ports as well, So make sure to check about the compatibility before buying.

9. Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad are part of the input peripheral system, the keyboard remains untouched after initial configuration but the touchpad needs some settings for example sensitivity level, tap speed etc., A laptop with flexible options, in that case, is preferred by most people these days.

10. Operating System

It is used to control the whole system, keep track of different programs and processes running at the same time, It manages communication between devices like keyboard, touchpad etc., Windows is mostly the preferred OS by all kinds of users because it has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use but recently most laptops come with the pre-installed OS which is Mac OS for Apple lovers and Linux for open source enthusiasts.

11. Size and Weight

Size and weight also matter if you are going out or on a trip often then you should choose a laptop that is light because nobody likes carrying extra luggage especially when it comes to delicate items like laptops.


The above-given information will help you to choose the laptop according to your need. All these features are very essential for a good laptop. Thanks for reading the article by Best India Deals. Need your feedback in the comment box. This is my first attempt at writing an article so please bear with me if it doesn’t meet your quality expectation… Good Luck!

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